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1. Only ladies are considered for admissions. No age limit.
2. Students who wish to join NCDC Courses have to pay the Registration fee directly to NCDC bank a/c through bank pay-in-slip or through IFSC transfer and send the duly lled in Registration form and a Gazette Ofcer attested copies of eligibility and identity along with the pay-in-slip counter foil / receipt on or before the admission closing date to the concerned Regional Ofce.
3. NCDC on receiving the duly lled completed Registration form will issue identity cards within 2 months after class starting to those students who all are attending class with minimum 1 installment of course fee payment.
4. NCDC has the right to x the number of classes in a week and the time duration of classes for both the Regular and Holiday batches.
5. As per the directions given by NCDC, Study Centers/ Centre Charge have to inform the students the date, time and schedule of regular/ holiday classes, special classes, practical, submission of application for examination, issue of hall ticket, theory and practical examination, issue of certicate, other programs etc. If students are not informed before the due date and time, NCDC shall not be responsible for the lapse on the part of study centers/ Centre in Charge.
6. Only students who have appeared for all the examinations will be awarded Diploma/ Certicate based on the Grading System, within 2 months after the examination. Separate Mark List will not be issued. Applications for Reexamination and Reevaluation will not be entertained. Examinations and valuations will be done in a justiable and foolproof manner. If a student is unable to appear for an examination, she can appear for the same in the subsequent examination. Such students have to pay the whole examination fee.
7. NCDC has the right to cancel the afliation of study centers that violate NCDC's rules and regulations. Such cases students of that centre will be directed to join the nearby centers. Unless they join the nearby centers, they will be treated as discontinuing the course and their admission and registration will be cancelled without giving any notice. NCDC also has the right to appoint new faculties or change faculties in a centre during the academic year.
8. If a candidate nds any mistake in the certicate issued to her, she can apply for a new certicate. For this, application citing the mistake along with the original certicate should be send to NCDC's concerned Regional Ofce within 30 days from the date of issue. In case of irrecoverable loss of certicates, students can apply for duplicate certicates by paying a fee of Rs. 1000. For issuing a duplicate identity card, the fee to be paid is Rs. 500. The above three cases will be settled within two months after the receipt of the application.
9. 5% of Course fee concession again gets those who pay the Course fee together at the time of taking admission. All Course fee and Examination fee should be paid before the 5th of the following month directly to NCDC bank a/c through pay-in-slip or through IFSC transfer and hand over the same to the concerned NCDC Centre in Charge. The fee once remitted will not be refunded in any case of course discontinuation. Only students who have remitted the whole course fee and examination fee will be allowed to appear in examination. For appearing in the examination, students have to submit an application in a separate form provided to them to the concerned Centre Charge before due date. In normal case a student need 90% attendance for appearing in the Examination.
10. Students must wear NCDC identity cards during class time and on all other programs and occasions.
11. Students of both regular and holiday batch have to participate throughout in all curriculums, curriculum related and co curricular programs and activities organized by NCDC. Students may be combined while practicing general papers and topics. And sometimes students of more than one centre will be combined to conduct subject expert's special classes, Free Training Programs, Montessori Theory and Practical classes etc. Students have to participate in all such programs organized in working days and holidays.
12. The medium of instruction of these courses and the communication between faculties and students and between students are in English. After nishing 15 hrs. of the Baba Easy Spoken English Training from NCDC faculties, all students should use English for communication in the classes and in other outside programs. Examination question papers will be only in English. The students have the option to answer either in English or in the regional language. And more than one language can be used to answer the questions. Students of more than one centre may be combined for conducting theory and practical examination.
13. Complaints, grievances, if any and disputes if any, in connection with course, fee and certicates will be entertained /accepted only by our Regional Ofce. There is no ofce system in our Study Centers. Hence, for all the above mentioned issues students are directed to contact only the Regional ofce. Any dispute arising out of them will be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts in New Delhi only.
14. NCDC has the right to cancel the admission and registration without any notice of those students who violate the prevailing rules and regulations, codes of conduct, discipline, remain absent without proper/ serious reasons, break classes without proper reasons and who not pay fee in time. Students who take leave on medical ground should produce medical certicates. NCDC also has the right to cancel the admission and registration of any student without assigning any reason or notice at any time during the course.
15. NCDC provides all placement assistance but do not guarantee any placement to any student.
16. NCDC reserves the right to make addition, alterations to the existing rules, class timings as may be deemed necessary from time to time. The students shall be required to abide the rules that are in vogue and that may be enforced in future from time to time.

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