Different Teaching Methods to Increase Creativity in the Playschool

It is supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” – Albert Einstein

Creativity has become compulsory in the 21st-century classroom whether it is within a playschool atmosphere. A good classroom should always have some elements of creativity for the purpose of making lessons more interesting and interactive. Many countries have included creativity as a core component of education. Singapore, that comes at the top of the world education league table has instead a creative curriculum in the classroom from the primary section.

But we would say start this from the very scratch. Playschool should be perfect for beginning to develop a creative mind of a child.

The right mix of creativity along with curriculum encourages students to be innovative and also helps them to learn new things. Do you know that students can grow up as a good communicator in the future for growing up in a creative surrounding?  School plays a pivotal role for this very purpose. As a teacher, you should imply creative activities in the classroom because it can transform the way a student acquire education and how they apply in real life.

As a parent, you also should know that creativity enhances the emotional development of a child’s mind along with making him socially interactive.

Here we are sharing five teaching modules to enhance creativity in the classroom that a teacher must follow.

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  1. Teach with Fun:

The creative classroom provides a great opportunity for students to learn with fun. The teaching activities such as storytelling and skits help kids to learn without the pressure of learning.

Team building activities for fun, promoting creative thinking in groups should be implemented by teachers to build a creative space within the classroom. It will help kids to listen to others’ ideas.

2. Give Kids Freedom to Express:

Unlike conventional teaching methods, the creative classroom session gives children freedom of speech. For say, if a teacher implements interactions, question-answer rounds, discussion round within the classroom, it will be way better method that enhances creative thinking!

3. Boost Their Problem Solving Skill:

Prepare such teaching modules that help kids to know the tactics of solving a given problem. Arrange brainstorming session within the class. Start from handing them a riddle or puzzle sometimes. It will develop their critical thinking capacity too.

4. Utilize Visualization:

The utilization of infographics can help students better understand concepts, while mind mapping can optimize both the creative process and learning process.


5.  Implementing Creative Arts:

Teachers should involve students to create graphs in order to solve math problems or summarize historical events in poetic verse. Introducing creative arts into classroom activities can breathe new life into stereotyped classes.

So, be a creative-minded teacher. Think about your student’s growth with respect to acquiring the creative skill. Creative thinking will shape their future in a certain progressive way.


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