Montessori method of education. Is a type of
educational method that involves Children’s natural
interests and activities rather than formal teaching
method. In Montessori Classroom they emphasis on
hands on learning. And experienced learning. They
give for more importance child centered education
rather than teacher centered education. It gives
independence to children. It discourages Some
Conventional measures for Achievement sues as
grades and tests.


Montessori education helps your
child develop independence, a Sense
of empathy justice and life long love
of learning. The goal is to develop the
Of the whole personality of the Child.
Five Montessori method
1. Respect for the Child
2. The Absorbent mind
3. Sensitive periods
4 .The prepared environment
5.Auto education
Practical life in montessori purposeful
activity, develops motor control and
Coordination, and develops independence,
concentration and a sense of responsibility


In Simple words this Montessori method
enhancing Classroom
management Skills and effective,
peaceful and organized classroom
environment . And also it helps to
manage student behaviour and build
positive relationship with parents and
colleagues. Also it gave more
importance to play time. Play is
important in Montessori preschool
program because it fosters a love of
learning. when children are engaged
in Play, they are having fun while
learning. They are intrinsically
motivated to explore and discover
new things


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