Montessori Teachers Training is a specialized training program that prepares individuals to become Montessori teachers. Montessori education is a child centered educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian Physician, and educator. Montessori education is based on the idea that children learn best through active participation, exploration and discovery, rather than passive learning and memorization.

Montessori training can help early childhood educators better understand and support young learners. This specialized training approach emphasizes the importance of observing and understanding each child’s unique developmental needs, interests and learning styles. Montessori children are confident, creative, independent and well prepared for life.

Through Montessori Teachers Training Course the teachers are given with the knowledge and tools needed to create an environment that supports children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Thus training program include theoretical and practical components. During theoretical component, learners study the philosophy and approach to education. They also learn about child development and the principles of Montessori curriculum design. During practical component, learners gain hands on experience working with children in a classroom setting.

Montessori is an instructional approach focused on self – driven practice, hands on learning and interactive play. Kids makes creative choices in their learning at the Montessori classrooms, while the classroom and well trained teachers will guide them with appropriate activities. Children work in groups to discover and explore world knowledge individually and to develop their maximum potential.

The particular course teach us never to force a child to learn rather, the teacher teach or make them understand the things in a different way by comforting in their ways. Through a certified Montessori Teachers Training program, you will learn how to identify the interests of each student, their learning style and their personality by the observation skills. Thus a teacher can provide motivation and assist them in their achievements. Through character development skills, you are creating an atmosphere that nurtures characteristic that help children grow critical reasoning, social comprehension and problem solving skills to become a good citizen of the world.

Montessori Teachers Training Program provide individual with the knowledge and skills needed to implement the Montessori approach in the classroom. The training program covers various topics, such as child development, classroom management and curriculum design. By adapting all these skills a teacher can mold an individual to become responsible decision makers.

To summarize, a Montessori Teacher Training Course is important because it helps to nurture a child development program through the philosophy of guidance as opposed to the learning of prescriptive syllabus. Thus a child will have lifelong love of learning, respectful of other people and of their environment. It also encourages the natural curiosity of children and their innate drive to learn.

Submitted by  M.A. Princy, 71 Batch NCDC

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