Importance of Montessori teacher training course

Montessori education: Help Children to develop – confidence and autonomy


Montessori education is a child centred approach that focuses on fostering indipendence, self esteem and confidence in young learners. The careful designed environment and hands on activities this education empowers children to develop their own learning process.These activities help children to empower themselves.

1.Practical life activities


These activities include tasks that children enter in their daily lives such as pouring, cleaning, dressing etc . By engaging practical life activities children develop essential skills,gaining indipendence and self esteem by unknowingly.these activities also promote fine motor skills, concentration,and coordination.

2.Sensorial activities

These activities emphasize the five senses: sight, hearings, touch, taste and smell.for this activities Dr.Maria Montessori developed different apparatus like pink tower, colour tablet etc.

Through this apparatus not only develop their senses but also enhance their ability to focus,and make logical connection

3.Language activities

Language development is a fundamental aspect of child’s learning journey.Language activities in Montessori class room emphasize phonetics awareness, vocabulary expansion, reading and writing skills.There are different apparatus for develop language skills.These apparatus encourage young learners to become confident readers and writers, fostering autonomy in their literacy development.

4.Mathematical activities

Montessori math materials such as number rods, golden beads allow children to explore Mathematical concepts such as counting, addition subtraction and place value.All these materials, children develop a solid foundation of mathematics while gaining confidence in their problem solving skills.

5 Cultural and Science Activities

These activities like exploring plants, animals or continent on a globe help young learners develop an understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the world.

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