Importance of Montessori Teachers training course

The Montessori schooling system was invented in early 1900’s by Maria Montessori.To educate poor children in her native Italy.A child is a value of unique individual.

Importance of Montessori teachers training course help a deep understanding of child.A child psychology is very different. So a teacher is very important person in children’s life. The Montessori teacher help improve kids creativity. So teacher maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with kids. Montessori is a system of education it creates a creative choice of in their learning, children’s work in group and individually it helps to explore knowledge. It provides opportunities for child growth and encourage social and emotional development. Montessori teachers promote a good communication skill and reduce kids fear and improve confidence.


  1. More interest in learning
  2. More self discipline
  3. Improve Creativity
  4. Better communication skill
  5. More independence



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Manju V

NCDC student

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