nursery teachers training

Nursery Teachers Training

Education given to children from the age of 3 to 6 or the preschool level is Nursery teachers training. The training involves trainees to have knowledge of the child psychology, their language, their skill development, their mental and physical status, etc. The training also involves the enlightenment of trainees with all subjects and communication at nursery level which are better understood by young minds. A detailed idea about involving children to do their activities,  thereby developing confidence in themselves is focused upon.

Importance of exercises to develop the physical movement, analytical thinking, motor skills, comprehension, language, social and moral values, etc is laid here. Seeing the importance of having knowledge of technology these days, trainees are given opportunities to explore this area too. Students day to day activities are recorded and is uploaded in our official pages which gives them a lot of confidence to upgrade their knowledge of the specific areas. The course lasts for a year. In this period skills to handle the pre-primary toddlers are offered.

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