Who is the best student in Montessori teacher training?

Montessori Teacher training course is an education system that gives aspiring teachers to promote the young minds blowing to our world.


To our topic “who is best student” in this teaching field should have some of the following characteristics


  • Passion to teach the young minds
  • Patience
  • Extra ordinary observation skills
  • Strong and effective communication
  • Adaptable and flexible



We need passion to do any things. If it is there means our work will go smoothly. Without passion if we starts the work means it will give burden for us. So passion should have in our mind to teach the young minds. We are the one responsible to cultivate the young minds once they reach school. So we should have more passion.



Young minds will differ from each other. One will learn quickly, other will be a slow learner and some others will learn very slowly . so we teachers have to be more patience. So whatever the case of children’s we should clear to them if they are learning slowly. So patience is very important to teach the young children.


Extra Ordinary Observation skills

Young minds think differently. Child thinking capacity differs each other. So we should watch them keenly and observe what they are doing and next minute what they will do. Psychologically we have to think what things they will be doing next. So observation skill must important for us.


Strong and Effective communication

Whatever we convey to children we should be very strong and convey the thinks in simple English to make them understand. Kids are differ from each other one will know to communicate easily. All are not same some will communicate with actions. So we teachers make them to communicate in simple English. So it will suit for all kinds of children.


Adaptable and Flexible

We are more responsible so we have to adapt the situations and learn the new things and we should know to handle all the situations. Flexible in the sense to make the children’s to learn in their own way. So we have to be more flexible.



The above characteristics will be best fit for the best student in Montessori Teacher training. So to qualify or to get respective job we should have the above characteristics to teach the young minds and their generation.

Deepa Batch 76
NCDC International Montessori Student


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