Montessori Teacher Training Course gives aspiring teachers complete insight about child’s, growth & development, it’s physical, emotional and educational needs

Montessori Teacher Training Course gives aspiring teachers complete insight about child’s, growth & development, it’s physical, emotional and educational needs. The very concept of Maria Montessori was about enabling children to learn on their own. It provides teachers with the necessary skills of teaching and classroom management. Montessori Teacher Training is a best suited course for aspirant Montessori Teachers, existing teachers and others who want to pursue career in the field of preschool teaching. Even, for those who want to start their own venture. Individuals can start up Montessori preschool, activity centre, classes for pre-schoolers etc. It aims at developing the whole personality of the child and Montessori is based on a strong belief in the spontaneous working of the human intellect. The Montessori teacher’s responsibilities include creating lesson plans and curriculum focused on developing social, physical, intellectual, and emotional skills, assessing children’s individual needs, and communicating with parents as required. The skills that Montessori brings are critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. These skills can’t be taught by teaching children to memorize and repeat. They must develop these skills through rich learning experiences that inspire them to master these skills over time.

The Montessori Teacher Training Course is offered as a Diploma and a Post Grad Diploma which allows not only Graduates but also freshers who have just completed their 12th but are interested in the career of Preschool Teaching. The duration of Montessori course will be a of
1 year. There will be Theory as well as Practical sessions during the course which can create an advance classroom experience for individuals.
Self-learning is the motto that Montessori teaching goes by. So, when you involve the children into activities, the learning process is upped several times. Maria Montessori herself quotes “sensory explorer”, to refer to the children. It means that the children can explore the
best when they get to use their senses.

In Montessori classrooms, children make creative choices in their learning while the classroom and highly trained teacher offer age appropriate activities to guide the process. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential. Therefore, I conclude with the famous quote by Maria Montessori, The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit.

Career opportunities of Montessori Teachers Training Course in India

A Montessori teaching course will give a professional certification to practice as educator. The degree has a value in foreign countries too and gives the license to become a global teacher and provides a career prospect. When certified in training of Montessori teaching method you’ll be eligible to yet another opportunity as well. One can work as a Pre-primary teacher, kindergarten teacher as well as a Nursery teacher.
Undergoing a course on Montessori will help you to come up with innovative teaching techniques in classroom to make learning fun for the
The Montessori teacher training course provides so many opportunities for the future. There are various institutes providing similar training courses. However, the individuals need to be careful in the selection of institutes as that will play an integral part in shaping the future.
After successfully completing the course, Individual will have good career opportunities as a teacher.

Individual can be a teacher in a preschool. They can help to shape young minds adequately. The Montessori method of teaching dwells on three key principles which are the Social, physical and cognitive development of children. Montessori teaching is one of the effective models of teaching to cater to young minds. The age group in which Montessori teaching is applied is 2 to 6 years in schools in India and 2 to 10 years in International schools. This teaching method helps the students to flourish at their own pace under the supervision of the teacher.
Therefore, the teacher needs to be responsible while dealing with the children. The course helps the aspirants to understand the basic principles of teaching methods, which will help the students, develop. Individuals after years of experience in Montessori teaching can further
take up courses which can help to head a Montessori school or open one of their own. Individuals can further become teachers of higher classes in school. This course comprises 6 modules which generally deal with mathematics, educational philosophies, child psychology, sensorial studies, education in emerging societies, etc. Individuals can enhance their qualifications and get more job opportunities can pursue the Diploma degree. This will help them to specialize in handling apparatus and know more about Montessori methodologies.
Post Graduate Diploma Level in Montessori Teachers Training is an inclusive, comprehensive course that deals with the Dr.Maria Montessori’s methodologies. The Montessori curriculum helps build human connections. In carefully- prepared learning environments and supported by their guides, children learn abstract ideas and are able to solve problems with materials that prompt self-correction. They strive to support the whole child, helping children at all stages of development become capable, independent, collaborative learners.

Today, in Montessori schools around the world, staffed with Montessori-certified educators called ‘guides’, continue Dr. Montessori’s work. Montessori preschools focus on child-centred learning. … By emphasizing the development of the child’s intellectual, physical, moral,
social and emotional development, Montessori schools help children become independent thinkers with a lifelong love of learning.

Nithya Kuriakose

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