Laughing is a good habit. It lightens your burden, reduces stress and connects you with others. Moreover, it improves your emotional health and strengthens your relationship. You might have probably been thinking how just laughter can help you live longer and put some good impacts on your body. So, don’t worry readers, we are now going to discuss almost all the possible benefits of laughter in brief.

Laughter boosts the immune system

Research shows that laughter boosts our immune system and helps our body to fight against infection. It boosts our immune system by increasing the function of anti-infectious antibodies in our blood that help us to fight against all infectious diseases.

Laughter reduces stress

When u laugh, due to contraction of muscles blood flow increases. Laughing releases a chemical called endorphins which act as a stress reliever.

Laughter relaxes body

A good laugh reduces your blood pressure and acts as a painkiller. It drives away the negative thought and controls anger. It boost ups your mood and helps you to think positively.


Laughter is good for your heart

Laughter ensures the proper functioning of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which reduces the chances of heart related problems. In addition, it also improves cardiac health. Laughing makes your heart beat faster  and you start taking deep breaths. By doing so, the oxygenated blood flows throughout the body, which makes function of many organs easy and reduces heart diseases.

Laughter strengthen relationships

Laughter increases the release of endorphins which reduces stress and improves your overall happiness. It reduces the chances of conflicts and adds a positive energy in your relationship.

Laughter burns calories

It is also referred to as “inner jogging”. It is a good workout for our face muscles, chest, shoulders and stomach. Many researches have proved that having a good laugh for 10 to 15 minutes a day burns between 10 to 40 calories.


As you now know how beneficial laughter therapy is for your physical, mental and emotional health, try to add it in your life as much as you can. Moreover, it adds a positive energy  and makes you cheerful. It fosters connections and strengthens the existing ones. A person who laughs a lot tends to have a positive thinking and a positive attitude towards every situation. So, now let me help you to know the ways in which you can add more laughter to your busy life.

If you take too much stress, it will increase stress hormones, calories and will affect negatively to your body. Having too much stress will make you gain lots of weight. It has been proved that laughing not only reduces stress but calories too, that makes you lose some weight.

Keep smiling

Smiling is the first step to laughter. Greeting  everyone you meet with a smile creates a positive vibe and strengthens the connection.

Follow some pages on social media

If you are on any social media, you should  follow  some meme pages or accounts. This will add some humor in your feed.

Watch some humorous videos

Spend some time watching comedy shows. You can also watch stand ups and humorous web series and movies.

Include laughter exercise in your routine

Try a fake laughing exercise everyday. This will add ample laughter in your day.

Spend time with people who have good sense of humor

Choose to be with people who are always happy and those can make you smile even when you are upset. This makes you feel happy from both, internally and externally.

Don’t take things too seriously 

Life is too short to take everything happening around seriously. We often think what others will think of us and so we keep our silly humor within us. But we should embrace the silliness in us!

Spend some time with pets

Many people love to spend time with their pet as playing with pets is very much fun. Dogs are generally joyful.

So, now you know about the world’s best medicine, laughter therapy, its benefits and how to add it in your everyday life. And the best part is it is absolutely free and makes you happy from inside.


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