Why is school called a second home?

The journey of school has always been one of the most exciting journeys of our life.
School days are not just memorable, they are eternal. Schools have always been called a second home for many reasons one being we get all our learnings from our educational institutes. The moments of joy and sorrow, friends and enemies have always been like a rollercoaster ride.
Tears and smiles equipped with moments of life are all worthwhile.

Schools are the temple of knowledge and wisdom

The institutions you study in, are a place wherein you gain knowledge pertaining to different subjects and fields. Not just you are provided with the knowledge of English math’s and science but also you get discipline, manners, and skills.

Every moment of our institute is a lesson in itself, a new lesson to explore and imbibe.

A school is an educational institution designed to give learning environments and learning space to teach the students under the guidance and the direction of gurus or teachers.

Institutions have playgrounds to conduct various activities for students both indoor and outdoor so as to teach them different skills. The games and activities too can have a great impact on the young dynamic minds turning them into vibrant and joyful personalities.

Institutions are of various types from boarding to coeds to “Only Boys or Only Girls” with a different community of students made to sit and learn together.
A school is a place where no religion or caste matters, everyone has the same access and are given the same opportunity to learn and grow together.

Students in schools are innocent and away from all forms of negativity and that is when they have the capability to acquire what is taught to them in a highly effective manner.

These institutions are even categorized into public and private type. With private schools exceeding the facilities provided by the public ones.

The type of institute whether public or private has no significance on the aspect of learning as all of them acts to be the second home for their students.

Schools turn students into dynamic personalities or future leaders

With different organizational structures grouped together, with different groups of students coming together, schools are the best place to develop an overall dynamic personality.

Schools have all the facilities for basic needs such as for hygiene, sanitation or clean drinking water. With laboratories teaching various practical implications students can have a hands-on experience pertaining to subjects of different domains studied. The subjects taught in schools are designed in the way so as to give the students the maximum exposure of the world around them.

Exams are even conducted in schools on a regular basis, to judge the amount of knowledge gained by the students. Exams often highlight the hard work a teacher puts in for their students.

The teachings of school are the words of wisdom, the failures mark the stepping stones of success. Schools are a vital place to gain lessons of life and knowledge of the wise.

Schools are important as they can teach the ups and downs of life. School is like a family wherein the teachers act as parents, always ready to protect their children from the external bad influences and nurture them in the best way possible.

School days are stress-free days to enjoy the meaning of life.

School teaches the value of competitions

Schools are called the temple of education but it even teaches the value of competition.

Competitions can be healthy if taken wisely but nowadays the students for competitions go overboard. Marks are mandatory but not without knowledge. Games are made to learn team spirit not to destroy each other’s spirit. Competitions are not made to always win rather they are made to learn adjustments and leadership.

Schools are the best place to learn how to mend the mistakes, the best way to learn forgiveness and the best place to learn happiness.

Schools are the best place to groom one’s personality, to know the strengths and weakness as children’s are naïve as well as surrounded by those who know them well.

Teachers or gurus around know what a child can do best and this is what makes the child win over the rest.

Schools provide a base of learning which sustains as principles for a lifetime.

Grow more and learn more, every day is a new beginning of new learning to explore life.

Childhood is the best time and with schools and beloved teachers at sight to guard the mistakes of life, it makes memories worthwhile.


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