Carrying a Sharp Object

Carrying a Sharp Object is a  Montessori practical life activity  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, used to improve concentration and  coordination of movements among Childs. Prepare a baby’s table with one pair of scissors on it. Make positive the pointy element is at the left facet and the deal with element is at the proper facet of wherein you’ll stand. Invite 3-four kids to return back take part for your lesson with the aid of using telling them you’ve got got some thing to reveal them. Show every baby wherein precisely to take a seat down and as soon as the kids are seated, you take a seat down so you can see them all, all of them can see you, and but you aren’t in the front of them. Call their interest to the scissors and inform them that you’re going to reveal them a way to convey a couple of scissors.


  1. Stand in order that the pair of scissors is mendacity in the front of you and at a accessible distance.
  2. Take you proper thumb and region it with inside the center of the lowest hollow of the handle.
  3. Take your proper index finger and region it with inside the middle of the pinnacle hollow of the handle. Pinch your arms together.
  4. Raise your proper hand barely off the table.
  5. Wrap your left thumb beneathneath the scissor element.
  6. Wrap your 4 left arms over the scissor element and cowl your thumb.
  7. Rotate the scissors in order that they’re vertical.
  8. Un-pinch your proper thumb and index finger.
  9. Undo your hold close of the handles through eliminating your proper thumb and proper index finger.
  10. Cup your proper hand beneathneath the end of the scissors.
  11. Bring your fingers towards your frame in order that they’re approximately at decrease chest level.
  12. Walk cautiously round a chosen area all of the whilst checking that the walkway is obvious of obstacles. Come again to the spot of the demonstration.


Setting Down

  1. Un-cup your proper hand from the lowest of the scissors.
  2. Rotate your left hand clockwise in order that the scissors are actually horizontal with the handles at the proper side.
  3. Place your proper thumb with inside the hollow nearest you.
  4. Place your proper index finger with inside the different hollow.
  5. Pinch each palms together.
  6. Lower each fingers till you’re close to the tabletop.
  7. Release your left palms after which your left thumb.
  8. Slowly location the top onto the table.
  9. Lower the handles till they too contact the table.
  10. Un-pinch your proper palms and launch your grip with the aid of using lifting your proper index finger after which your proper thumb.
  11. Offer each child the opportunity to pick up and carry the scissors.


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