Dusting a Table

Dusting a table is one of the key early practical life activities in Montessori teacher’s training curriculum. Prepare a desk to be dusted. Set a stool subsequent to the desk. Invite a toddler to return back through telling them you’ve got got some thing to reveal them. Have the kid convey the best basket and feature them region it onto the stool subsequent to the desk. Tell the kid that you may be displaying him a way to dirt a desk. 



  1. Begin through naming the material as “duster”.


  1. Pick up the duster with each fingers and location it onto the desk.
  2. Lift up the pinnacle flap to the lowest proper of the duster through pinching the threshold together along with your left thumb and index finger.
  3. Slide your 4 proper palms below the lifted flap to the pinnacle left nook of the duster.
  4. Lower the flap together along with your left palms and allow pass of the flap while it’s been located down flat on pinnacle of your proper palms.
  5. Slide your proper thumb below the complete duster and location it firmly below the region of your 4 proper palms.
  6. Lift the material to expose the kid which you are keeping it in location together along with your proper thumb.
  7. Place your proper hand (this is with inside the duster) within side the pinnacle left nook of the desk as flat as possible.
  8. Slowly and in a non-stop manner, slide your hand down from pinnacle to bottom.
  9. When you get to the lowest, slowly rotate your hand upward and a bit to the left aspect to scoop up the dirt. Pause as you’re rotating the duster so the kid can definitely see your moves.
  10. Lift the duster off of the desk.
  11. Show the kid the dirt at the duster if there’s any.
  12. Repeat those moves from pinnacle to bottom, left to proper till the complete desk has been dusted.



2 1/2 –  4 years


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