Locks and Keys


  1. Take the work to a desk or mat.
  2. If at a desk, unroll a desk mat. Arrange the locks at the mat below the basket.
  3. Take the primary lock and choose one of the keys from the basket. See if the important thing works with the lock. If it does, release the lock and go away the important thing in place.
  4. Set the lock returned in its spot at the mat. Continue till all the locks were matched with their keys and unlocked


Points of Interest

  • Locks and keys is a Montessori early practical life material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, which enables kids to learn Opening and closing the locks or latches.

Control of Error

  • Every lock has a key, and there may be best one key for each lock.

Variations and Extensions


  • Early in the year, the paintings will be set out with simply one lock and one key.
  • Different sizes of padlocks will be used. The locks and keys ought to have stickers or paint displaying which key is going with which lock.
  • The locks will be protecting some thing shut.
  • Let a baby who has had exercise with this paintings release the door to the school room or deliver closet with a teacher.



  • A comparable activity will be executed with a mixture lock. The toddler should already be acquainted with numerals and the distinction among left and right (clockwise and counterclockwise). The mixture will be written on a slip of paper and taped to the tray.
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