snap frame

Snap Frame


Invite a infant to return back with the aid of using telling them you’ve got got some thing to expose them. Have the kid deliver the precise dressing body and feature them area it on a selected spot at the desk you’ll be running at. Have the kid take a seat down down first, and then you definitely take a seat down right all the way down to the kid’s right. Tell the kid that you’ll be displaying him the way to use the snaps.



  • Place your left index and center arms flat to the left of the primary snap at the left flap of the material.
  • Pinch the proper flap subsequent to the button together along with your proper thumb and proper index finger.
  • With a brief small movement, pull your proper arms as much as undo the snap.
  • Slightly open the flap to reveal the kid the unsnapped snap.
  • Gently area the pinnacle a part of the snap down.
  • Unpinch your proper arms.
  • Slide your left arms down the cloth so they may be subsequent to the subsequent button down.
  • Repeat those establishing actions till all of the snaps are opened (running your manner from the pinnacle to the bottom).
  • Open the proper flap completely after which the left Close the flaps beginning with the left flap after which the right.



  • Place your left index and center hands flat subsequent to the pinnacle snap.
  • Pinch the proper flap in order that your proper index finger is at the pinnacle snap and your proper thumb is wrapped across the fabric and under the below a part of the snap.
  • Carefully location the pinnacle of the snap on pinnacle of the factor a part of the snap.
  • Remove proper thumb.
  • Press down at the snap together along with your proper index finger.
  • Listen for snap noise.
  • Lift your proper index finger off the snap.
  • Slide your left hands right all the way down to the subsequent snap.
  • Repeat actions of remaining the snap.

Once done, offer the child the opportunity to unsnap and snap the snaps.



Direct: Development of independence.

Indirect: Acquiring coordination of movement.

Points of Interests

The noise made to indicate the snap has been successfully snapped closed.


3 – 3 1/2years

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