Spooning Grains

Spooning Grains is a  Montessori practical life activity  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, which helps to develops focus, concentration, visual and fine motor development. Invite a toddler to return back via way of means of telling them you’ve got got some thing to expose them. Have the kid convey the tray and feature them convey it over to the desk. Have the kid set it on a particular spot at the desk you may be running at and inform the kid in which to area the tray. Have the kid take a seat down down first, and then you definitely take a seat down right all the way down to the kid’s proper. Tell the kid that you may be displaying him how spoon grain. Give the names of every object.


Picking up the Spoon

  • Pinch the manage in the center of its period together along with your proper thumb on pinnacle and your proper index finger wrapped under.
  • Lift the spoon off the tray.
  • Wrap your 3 proper hands across the manage and firmly grip the manage.
  • Lift the spoon over the center of the proper bowl this is complete of grain.


  • Rotate the oval mouth of the spoon down with the aid of using barely rotating it towards you.
  • Place the returned of the spoon close to the a long way facet of the bowl. Slide it down so it is going below the grains.
  • Scoop the spoon towards your frame. Rotate the spoon so it’s far returned in the flat position.
  • Gently lift the spoon from the bowl. Lift the spoon so it’s far above the pinnacle of the bowl.
  • Move the spoon in a gradual however clean manner so it’s far over the center of the left bowl.
  • Rotate the oval mouth of the spoon slowly towards your frame so the grains slowly pour into the mouth of the bowl.
  • Once all of the grain has slid off the spoon, rotate the spoon returned into the flat position.
  • Bring the spoon returned over to the center of the proper bowl and repeat scooping and pouring moves till all the grains are in the left bowl.
  • Repeat the equal moves for scooping the grains from the left bowl into the proper bowl.


Replacing the Spoon

  1. Bring the spoon back to the original place.
  2. Lower the spoon and place the oval mouth down on the tray.
  3. Unwrap your four right fingers from the handle.
  4. Place the handle down on the tray.
  5. Remove your right index finger and then your right thumb.

If grains have fallen at the tray, cast off the left bowl through region your proper hand across the proper aspect of the bowl and your left hand at the left aspect across the bowl, lifting it up and setting it at the desk above the tray. Remove the proper bowl in the identical way after which the spoon through selecting it up in the identical manner as above. Using your proper index finger and thumb, pinch one grain at a time and update in the bowl at the proper. Replace the spoon after which the proper bowl and left bowl again at the tray. Offer the kid the possibility of scooping grain. Once done, have the kid update the tray in its spot.


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