Turning the pages of a Book

Turning the pages of a book  is a  Montessori practical life activity  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. Prepare a toddler’s desk and area a book on it. Place a chair to take a seat down on in the back of the desk. Invite 3-four kids to return back take part to your lesson with the aid of using telling them you’ve got got some thing to expose them. Show every toddler in which precisely to take a seat down and as soon as the kids are seated, you take a seat down so you can see them all, all of them can see you, and but you aren’t in the front of them. Call their interest to the book at the desk and inform them that you’re going to expose them how to show the pages of a book.


Turning the pages

  • Stand up and take a seat down with inside the chair on the table.
  • Open the duvet of the book as describes in Opening a Book.
  • Place your left hand on your lap.
  • Place your proper thumb at the pinnacle fringe of the web page on the pinnacle proper corner.
  • Lift the web page simply barely and location your 4 proper arms below the threshold of the web page.
  • Slide your proper arms down the threshold of the web page till you attain the median.
  • Slide your proper hand below the page (nonetheless close to the threshold), so it’s miles vertical together along with your fingertips pointing to the pinnacle of the book.
  • Gently push the page to the left, accordingly turning the page.
  • Slide your proper surrender to the center binding of the book and press down lightly to make certain the web page remains open and down.
  • Remove your proper hand.
  • Tell the kids that the page is now turned.
  • Tell the kids to look at again. Repeat as soon as more (possibly once more in case you sense the kids want it).


Offer every infant the possibility to show the pages of the book.

Once they have got all had a turn excuse them one at a time, ensuring every infant has idea of what he would really like to de next.


  • Tell the youngsters that you may now near the book.
  • Place your left thumb below the pinnacle left nook of the book cowl.
  • Lift the duvet only a little and region your 3 different left arms below the book cowl.
  • Slide your arms down the brink of the book cowl till you attain the median.
  • Rotate your left hand so it’s miles below the book cowl (close to the brink) and so your  left fingertips are pointing up.
  • Rotate your left hand to the proper so the book cowl is slowly closing.
  • Once the book is set 45° from the table, region your proper hand flat at the internal a part of the duvet and precisely contrary your left hand.
  • Rotate your palms to the proper till your proper hand is laying flat on the primary web page of the book.
  • Gently and slowly slide your proper hand from below the book cowl. Remove your left hand from on pinnacle of the book cowl.


Offer every baby the possibility to open and near the book.

Once they have got all had a turn excuse them one at a time, ensuring every baby has concept of what he would love to de next.


Direct: Care of the Environment: The infant will become privy to a way to be mild with books and is helped to admire his environment.

Indirect: Coordination and carefulness in movements.

Points of Interests
The gentleness needed when turning the pages so as not to leave a crease in the page of the book.


2 1/2 – 3 1/2

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