Washing a Table

Washing a Table is a  Montessori Practical Life activity  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. Prepare a desk to be washed. Invite a child to come via way of means of telling them you have something to expose them. Tell the kid that we are going to want aprons for this interest and you then definitely and the kid placed on aprons. Have the kid deliver an appropriate basin (packed with the brush, soap, sponge, and drying cloth) over to the desk. Have the kid place it at the floor subsequent to the bottom right of the table. Then have the kid bring over the bucket (filled with the jug and cloth) over to the desk and location it to the left of the basin. Tell the kid that you will be displaying him the way to wash a desk.



  • As you are taking out every object, call it or have the kid call it to look what his vocabulary is for this activity.
  • Take out the material from the bucket and spread it to the proper of the table.
  • Lay it out flat and in a horizontal position.
  • Place the basin onto the material in the backside left corner.
  • Take out the dish with the brush, the use of each hands, and area it at once to the proper of the basin.
  • Take out the dish with the soap, the use of each hands, and area it at once to the proper of the brush.
  • Take out the sponge dish, the use of each hands, and area it at once to the proper of the soap.
  • Take out the drying material and area it above the sponge dish.
  • Take out the jug from the bucket and area it above and to the proper of the basin.
  • Place the bucket under the table.
  • Pause so the kid can take in the layout.
  • Pick up the jug and fill it half of complete of faucet water.
  • Bring it again to the material and area it in its spot.


  • Pick up the comb via way of means of the deal with together along with your proper hand and dip it into the water.
  • Let cross of the comb and choose up the cleaning soap together along with your left hand.
  • Bring the cleaning soap over to the basin and choose up the comb together along with your proper hand.
  • Rub the cleaning soap and the comb bristles together, however factor the comb down in the direction of the water so the least quantity of cleaning soap splash occurs.
  • Once there may be sufficient cleaning soap on the comb, update the cleaning soap onto the cleaning soap dish.
  • Stand up and region the comb on the pinnacle left nook of the desk.
  • Make medium round actions with the comb from left to proper.
  • Pause as soon as you’ve got got gotten to the some distance proper nook so the kid can see the soapsuds.
  • Repeat those scrubbing actions shape left to proper, pinnacle to backside till the whole desk is lathered. (Apply greater cleaning soap onto the comb whilst needed.)
  • Rinse the comb and update it onto its tray. Place the sponge into the basin and get it wet.
  • Squeeze out the water via way of means of the usage of your hands.
  • Wipe off the soapsuds from pinnacle to backside, left to proper. (Same actions as Dusting a Table.)
  • Rinse out the sponge whilst needed. Once the desk is cleaned, rinse the sponge and region it again onto its dish.
  • Pick up the drying material and the usage of the identical pinnacle to backside, left to proper actions as with the comb and the sponge, dry off the desk.
  • Replace the drying material in its spot at the massive material.


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