Blue Reading Material

Blue Reading Material is a  Montessori language material  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. Once the child has efficaciously completed the crimson analyzing series in Montessori, they flow into onto the blue analyzing fabric. The blue analyzing fabric will be very similar to the pink analyzing fabric, the difference is the child will now be analyzing four or extra letter phonetic terms. The presentations for the blue Montessori analyzing materials follows the identical technique due to the fact the presentations the use of the pink analyzing materials, the best difference being of path there are clearly extra letters. The little one cannot flow into onto blue analyzing if he has now now not completed all of the pink analyzing sports. These bodily sports are extra difficult for the child, as he may be analyzing longer terms with extra letters. The little one will also be added to the Montessori ‘sentence cards’ at the same time as working with the blue analyzing fabric. Moving onto blue analyzing will be very thrilling for the child and a huge fulfillment for him. He progresses further to the leisure of his analyzing experience.


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