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Chalkboards is  Montessori language materials  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, which are used to assist the kid shape letters and numbers.. There is much less resistance when writing on a chalkboard, and the kid can without difficulty erase mistakes. There is likewise much less strain to write down on a chalkboard than on paper as our children are training formation of letters and numerals.


For Preparatory Work:

  • Small tray, big sufficient to make a sandpaper letter.
  • Enough sand within side the tray to cowl the bottom.

For Chalkboard Work:

– Set of inexperienced chalkboards 32cm x 50cm each

  •  The first board is clean on one facet and dominated to manual the position of letters on the opposite facet.
  • The 2nd board has one facet dominated in squares and the opposite dominated in horizontal traces.


– Tray with chalk in a holder, an eraser, a dirt clothe, and a hand material.

– Sandpaper letters and numerals.


  • This paintings is carried out parallel to paintings with the Sorting Letters

Preparatory Exercise

  • Invite one child to come and work with you.
  • You and the child choose one sandpaper letter and bring it to the table.
  • Then go and get the tray of sand and place it to the right of the sandpaper letter.
  • Trace the sandpaper letter. Repeat two to three times.
  • Then tell the child that you are going to trace the letter in the tray.
  • Move the tablet over to the left.
  • Slide the tray in front of you and trace the same letter as the sandpaper letter into the sand.
  • Show the child that you have made the same letter.
  • Show the child how to “make it disappear” by gently shaking the tray from side to side but keeping the tray on the table.
  • Have the child trace the sandpaper letter and then make the letter in the sand.
  • The child can continue making the letter in the sand.
  • Once he is comfortable tracing the letter in the sand, he can then work with the stylus.

montessori chalk board1 montessori chalkboard2

Once he is comfortable with using the stylus and writes a few of the letters in the sand, he is ready to begin with the Chalkboard work.


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