Command Cards

Command Card is a  Montessori Language material  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, which used as a reading exercise. There are essential types of shelf work in the Montessori environment. The first is the Montessori materials themselves. The second consists of a chain of cards called command or task playing cards that provide follow-up artwork to education and activities. Students artwork with command playing cards to exercising what they’ve got learned. As the decision implies, command playing cards invite the child to do a little issue with what they’ve got learned, showing that they have command of the concept. An example of command gambling playing cards common in better essential programs appears in the nomenclature paintings. In the Montessori take a look at room Nomenclature Cards, moreover referred to as three-detail gambling cards, are used to analyze the names or factors of objects. The cloth is crafted from three factors: a photo card, a label card, and a manipulate card. For essential students, a fourth card is brought that relates to the definition of the object or detail.


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