Homophone Card

Homophone Card is a  Montessori language material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. This homophone exercise is a card sort activity intended for practice in identifying the correct spelling and meaning of three common sets of homophones: their, there, and they’re, your and you’re, and its and it’s.

Included in this material
• 3 sets of homophone cards (their, there, and they’re, your and you’re, and its and it’s) with 5 examples for each homophone
• 2 variations of each set
—– Black and white (can be printed on colored cardstock, if desired)
—- Colored borders (each homophone group is a different color to easily differentiate between the sets)
• Answer key
• Extension pages for writing their own sentences and illustrating the words in each homophone set
• Blank extension pages.


Using the Card Sort
Before use, print, laminate, and cut the pieces to be used.
1. Select which set of homophone cards will be used.
2. Student sets out column labels for cards being used. For example, if the “their, there, they’re” cards are being used, then the column label cards with those homophones are set out.
3. Read each card and decide under which column label it should go. Place the card under the appropriate column label.
4. Continue until all cards are distributed.
5. Check work with the answer key and record, if desired.

Extension Activity
If desired, have students do an extension after completing the card sort. To check their understanding, have them write a sentence with the correct usage of each homophone and draw a picture to illustrate its meaning.

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