Large Number Cards

     The Large Number Cards are a Montessori Mathematics material in Montessori teachers training curriculum which can be used to introduce younger kids to the decimal system. The cloth includes 4 units of playing cards which constitute the extraordinary classes of numbers with inside the ‘base ten’ or decimal system. The smallest numbers, 1 – 9, are noted as ‘units’, and are revealed inexperienced on small timber playing cards. Next, the numbers 10 to ninety with the aid of using tens are revealed in blue, numbers one hundred to 900 with the aid of using masses are in red, and 1,000 to 9,000 with the aid of using hundreds are in inexperienced. These timber playing cards are stored in an open timber field at the Mathematics curriculum shelves.



    The key intention of the Large Number Cards is to assist kids comprehend the written numerical symbols for every class of the decimal system. As they paintings with the cloth, additionally they find out that if we rely past the quantity 9 in a decimal class, we keep counting with inside the subsequent maximum class. Montessori college students are delivered to the Large Number Cards from the age of 4 years old. Prior to this lesson, kids may have labored on Montessori substances which introduce and make stronger the popularity of quantity from one to 9. They may also be acquainted with the idea of zero. The creation to this new cloth is regularly followed with the aid of using the Golden Beads, some other Montessori Mathematics cloth. The beads bodily constitute every unit, assisting kids visually quantify every amount.


Presentation: Counting the Large Number Cards

  • Invite the kid to return back paintings with you, and manual them to the Mathematics curriculum area.
  •  Identify the Large Number Cards, and produce the cloth to a table.
  • Taking the ‘1’ unit quantity card, vicinity it on the pinnacle proper corner. Count the cardboard aloud the use of its class name: “one unit”.
  • Continue setting and counting the unit playing cards vertically till the ‘9’ card is reached.
  • Next, take the ‘10’ quantity card, and vicinity it to the left of the ‘1’ unit quantity card.
  • Count the cardboard aloud the use of its class name: “one ten”. Continue setting and counting the tens playing cards vertically till the ‘ninety’ card is reached.
  • Count out the masses and hundreds card with inside the identical manner. After laying out and counting all playing cards, display the kid a way to percent away the cloth with the aid of using setting them away of their classes, beginning with the hundreds.
  • Place the cloth again onto the Mathematics shelves.

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