Phonogram Dictionary


Little ‘dictionaries’ measuring about 21cm x 7cm which are listed like an address book. On every tab a phonogram, which was not among the key phonograms is written in black. On every page is written the corresponding key phonogram.


Phonogram Dictionary is a  Montessori language material  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, which allows the kid to look up surprising phonograms (graphemes) in phrases while reading. This is not a proper presentation. Introduce this work as the kid is reading or while the event arises. As the kid is studying or searching at phrases and he sees a word that he does not realize, show the kid the dictionary. Show the kid the way to search for words in a dictionary. The infant also can have a booklet of his own indexed like an address book to place words he takes place upon that he won’t realize. The infant writes phrases he doesn’t realize after which reads them to familiarize himself with them.




To assist the kid read phonograms which he doesn’t realize and which correspond to the important thing phonograms he knows

Control of Error

The directress


5 – 5 1\/2 years onwards

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