Phonogram object box

Level of Parent Involvement:

High, the discern should facilitate the primary presentation for this pastime, low as soon as the kid has been proven and might paintings independently with the organized slips

Prerequisites The baby should understand all Sand paper letters The baby should understand a number of the sandpaper phonograms, consist of gadgets


  •  A field or basket
  •  A set of gadgets whose names handiest consist of one phonogram every, representing the important thing phonograms (th, sh, ch, oy, qu, ai(rain), ie(pie), oa(boat), ee, ue(blue), au(fault), ou(cloud), oo(book), er(her), ar(car), or(fort)
  • Paper and writing pencil for the presentation, a crimson pencil to underline the phonogram
  • Prepared slips for unbiased paintings


Place the gadgets within side the field Some examples of ordinary gadgets you can locate across the residence to apply should consist of a toy boat, a book, a toy car, a boy doll, a shell, a chunk of chalk Make the organized slips through writing the names of the gadgets onto the slips of paper, with the phonogram written in crimson, laminate if feasible to increase the sturdiness of the pastime for destiny paintings


  • Invite the kid displaying them the phonogram item field, the kid can also additionally deliver the field to the desk, you deliver the writing tray
  • Sit to the proper of the kid and take out every item, one at a time, the kid can also additionally help, call every item as you location them at the desk in the front of the kid
  • Say to the kid “I am going to jot down you a message”
  • Write the call of one of the gadgets, underlining the phonogram in crimson
  • When the kid reads the label factor to the phonogram for instance oa as in boat, pronouncing to the kid, “you already know what this says don’t you?”
  • Child then suits the label to the item
  • Repeat for the final gadgets
  • Once the kid has matched the labels to the gadgets, the kid can also additionally blend and rematch the gadgets or display the kid in which the organized labels are Once the kid is completed they will percent up, transition the kid to their subsequent pastime


Phonogram command cards, for instance: ‘dirt a shelf’, ‘sing a song’, baby reads the command and can act out the action

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