Pre-Selected Sound Boxes

Geometry Cards is a Montessori language material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, the purpose is to refine the sense of hearing and to teach vocabulary such as “loud,” “soft,” “loudest,” “louder,” etc. The pre-selected sound containers encompass objects (figurines) or photos of sounds boxes objects, on the aspect of a difficult and speedy of movable letters. Students place the letters on their art work station, and then pick out the objects that start with that letter and place them underneath. Students moreover improvement to choosing the objects that surrender with a given letter. As college students improvement, they may begin to spell out complete terms with their movable alphabets; and then workout writing those terms out on their own.



The instructor takes one subject of six cylinders to the children’s table and sits next to the child. The instructor takes the lid of the sector and places it underneath the sector. The instructor then removes the cylinders, and places them on the table. Now, the instructor suggests the child the manner to take the cylinders one after the alternative and, using excellent one hand, shake them and take note of their sound. She does this via way of means of carefully deciding on up one cylinder collectively together with her dominant hand and listening carefully as she shakes the cylinder. The instructor then proceeds to allow the child take note of each cylinder one after the alternative using excellent on hand. The infant listens to the exceptional sound each makes as he does so.


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