Pre Writting Boards

Pre Writing Boards are  Montessori language materials  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, which support early preparation for handwriting through growing movement pattern skills, of common letter formations. This set is a wonderful aid for growing pre writing, pre literacy and quality motor skills. four wood nuts steady down the big tracing piece and an A4 length piece of paper onto the wood board and as soon as finished the paper may be grew to become over or eliminated so your infant can exercise again. with immediately strains, curves and zig zags, our prewriting tracing set facilitates younger kids find out about sample and image making in addition to shapes and strains. Use a pencil or crayon to hint onto paper after which your baby can similarly use the paper with scissors to reduce out the strains they drew onto the paper. Children also can use a finger to sense the patens in a tactile, fingers on manner. By the use of their fingers, the board gives your toddler with sensory stimulation and additionally develops their know-how of shapes, styles and strains.


Another manner you may use this board for examine is to apply a wood stylus to hint the styles, specializing in growing small muscle tissues and hand dexterity in addition to hand eye coordination and accurate grip on a writing device which includes a pencil. Wooden styluses are to be had to buy in our save together with different tracing forums however aren’t protected on this prewriting board set. Children also can have a laugh with messy, sensory play – the use of our sensory bases to be had for buy in our save which includes rainbow rice to fill in the boards.


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