Reading Folders


Reading Folder is a Montessori Language material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. which provide kids who’re beginning to read the critical concept that in English a sound can be represented with many letter combinations. A series of folders each representing one of the key sounds of the English language which could be written in any number of ways. On the skin of every folder is that the applicable symbol. 13 folders cowl the key sounds – ai, ee, ie, oa, ue, au, ou, oy, er, e, f, j, s. inside each folder are cards concerning 15cm x 10cm. every card shows in red, one of the varied ways that the actual sound is also written, whereas on the reverse side the key symbols seem in blue. the kid can use this as a control of error. Besides the cards every folder contains a collection of booklets with one word per age. The words n the booklets are written in 2 colours with the written symbol in red.



  • Remove the cards and booklets.
  • Place the card with the written symbol that the kid knows, underneath the folder.
  • Place the booklet that goes with it ahead of the child and familiarize the child with it.
  • Have the child browse the primary booklet. informally discuss any words the child won’t know.
  • Show a second method of figuration the sound and place it in front of the child.
  • Tell the child that these 2 letters make identical sound. they create the sound “ai”.
  • Repeat like the first booklet.
  • Repeat for the third sound Associate in Nursingd booklet.
  • Introduce the fourth method of constructing “ai”.
  • Tell the kid that these 2 letters additionally create the sound “ai”.
  • Indicate the dash and say, “This is that the place wherever we place reproductive structure letter.
  • Place the “m” ahead of the ‘a’ and also the “t” from the letter dish over the dash. cowl the “e” along with your hand and sound out “mat” with the child.
  • Uncover the “e” and say that this can be known as a silent “e”. once we see it, it changes the “a” to an “ai”. browse “mate” with the child.
  • offer the kid the brochure to browse the few examples.


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