Sandpaper Letters

The Sandpaper Letters are certainly considered one among Maria Montessori’s maximum first rate materials. Tracing the letters offers kids the inspiration for lovely penmanship. Working with the Sandpaper Letters, kids find out how the sounds they listen are written. Montessori emphasized that writing comes first, then reading.

From the earliest levels, college students are brought to letters and sounds, and sandpaper letters begin differentiating among consonants, vowels, and key sounds that aren’t included via way of means of unmarried letters. Each letter of the alphabet is fashioned from sandpaper and installed on a rectangular tile. Consonants and vowels are installed on unique color tiles, and key sounds (that can not be conveyed with a unmarried letter) are installed on a 3rd color. Students start to internalize the shapes of the letters, the sounds, and the variations among the groups.

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