Addition Strip Board

Using the Addition Strip Board, the kid practices the series of addition combos 1–nine, and starts the manner of memorization of the addition tables. The fabric consists of a hardboard chart 12 squares through 18 squares with the numbers 1–18 revealed throughout the top. Stored in a hardwood container are the strips used for the exercise, nine crimson strips divided into squares and nine strong blue strips, each revealed with the numerals 1–nine.

A board divided into squares (every 2cm x 2cm) throughout from left to proper and eleven squares from pinnacle to bottom. The topmost squares are numbered 1 to 18; from 1 to ten in purple and from eleven to 18 are in blue. There is a purple line that divides the board vertically, after the quantity 10.

2 units of strips; one set is blue with symbols 1 to 9. The different set is purple, which can be subdivided into squares with the aid of using blue lines. The cease rectangular of every strip is marked with the image that corresponds to the quantity of its squares.


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