Dot Game

Montessori Dot Game is a Montessori Mathematical material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. Montessori math is supplied to youngsters with inside the order of concrete to abstract. The math substances begin with manipulative and pass regularly closer to having youngsters paintings with written numbers only. The Montessori Dot Game is generally the first math fabric a baby works with that works closer to abstraction with out using manipulatives (beads, stamps, skittles, ect.).In this article, you’ll research what the Dot Game is, its cause, and a way to introduce it to a baby.


The Montessori Dot Game is a math fabric that includes a white dry-erase desk with columns divided the use of the Montessori color-coding device for units, 10s, 100s, 1,000s, and 10,000s.Each column has a grid that consists of numerous rows of 10 squares. There also are 2 rows at the lowest of every class for recording and sporting, in addition to a clean column at the proper facet of the board for housing the equation and sum. The Dot Game may be used for subtraction and multiplication, however, its number one use is for addition. During the Dot Game addition activity, the kid may be marking dots within side the grid, including the dots in every class, and sporting the the rest to the subsequent class. The cause of this fabric is to introduce youngsters to fixing math equations with out using a number of the substances they’ve been the use of as much as this point, along with the Golden Bead Material.


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