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Montessori Math Chart  is a Montessori Mathematical material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. There are many Montessori math substances that help the youngsters with memorizing their math information along with the Addition Strip Board, Multiplication Charts, and Subtraction Strip Board. Math Booklets are used with the mathematics substances to make certain the kid works via all of the viable equations for every operation. Instead of maintaining the equations in guide form, a few kids revel in creating a Montessori math chart.


1. Materials required:

  • math booklets – available in sequential or random order
  • colored construction paper – 3 sheets of  standard 8½ x 11″ is fine.
  • glue stick, or white craft glue (if laminating – use only a glue stick)
  • clear tape (to join construction paper together)
  • yarn – the length of your arm span
  • an “S” hook (must have some weight to it)

2. Have the kid entire the mathematics booklets and reduce them out.

3.Create the color chart the use of the development paper.

Using 2 or three portions of production paper (relying at the length), tape the fast ends collectively to create an extended square chart. If you’re the use of our Math Booklets, then your color production chart will want to be about 25″ x 6″ (relying on how lots decoration/embellishment your infant desires to do). Trim the chart to the approx. length you want.

4.Glue the mathematics guide pages directly to the color chart.

When the papers are glued in the proper order and in alignment from left to right, it is visually attractive to peer the numbers developing in succession.

5. Make a wire to tie the rolled up chart with.

Transporting charts domestic from school (or storing them) may be tricky. A excellent technique of maintaining the chart in highly excellent form for delivery is to roll it up and make a wire to tie round it. Using tape will handiest tear the paper, and likely break the kid’s work, the usage of a rubber band is not very attractive. You can discover ways to make a wire.



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