Multiplication Bead


  •  A felt mat
  • A plentiful assortment of bead bars.


Multiplication beads are part of Montessori mathematical apparatus in Montessori teachers training curriculum.

Presentation 1

  • Have the kid convey the fabric to the desk and unroll the mat
  • Take out the seven bar and area it at the left aspect of the mat horizontally.
  • Have the kid remember what number of beads are at the bar with the aid of using the use of the cardboard counter.
  • Have the kid area the answer (7) in a seven-bar vertically beneath the horizontal seven.
  • Ask, “How many sevens did he have?” The infant need to answer: once. Say, “7 instances 1 is 7.
  • Tell the kid to take, “a seven-bar instances”.
  • Have him area seven-bars horizontally to the proper of the primary seven-bar.
  • Using the cardboard counter, remember the beads.
  • When he receives to ten, have him area a golden ten-bar vertically at the lowest of the mat after which remember the relaxation of the beads (4).
  • Place the corresponding colored bead bar to the proper of the golden bead bar.
  • Say, “7 instances 2 is 14.” Repeat on this manner as much as 7 instances 9.


Presentation 2

  • Have the kid convey the fabric to the desk and unroll the mat. Place the container of beads above the mat.
  • Tell the kid, “Today, we’re going to do a little unique multiplication.
  • Write 2 x 10 = at the piece of paper.
  • Ask the kid to examine the equation and to then construct the 2-bar ten instances.
  • Have the kid remember the overall quantity of beads via way of means of the use of the cardboard counter.
  • Each time the kid reaches ten, have him vicinity a ten-bar vertically beneathneath the strains of two-bars.
  • Have him write the solution at the piece of paper subsequent to the equation.
  • Write 6 x 10 = Have the kid construct the six-bar ten instances.
  • Have the kid remember as he did for the 2 bars. Say to the kid, “So 6 taken 10 instances is 60. And 2 taken 10 instances is 20.
  • Write four x 10 = Have the kid construct as above and remember as above.
  • If the kid doesn’t see the pattern, spotlight for the kid that what ever the bar taken 10 times, can be that quantity of tens. So when you have nine taken 10 time, you get nine tens, or 90.
  • Have the kid write some of the equations and write the solution with out constructing it with the beads.


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