Number Rods

The Number Rods divulge college students to the idea of measurement. Instead of searching at rods and saying, “this one is longer,” now the pupil is capable of really quantify precisely how a whole lot longer. While this could appear to be a as a substitute intuitive skill, it really takes a honest little bit of exercise in order to choose and examine quantities. The Number Rods are brought to college students of approximately 4 years of age, as soon as the pupil has mastered the Red Rods and has expressed hobby within side the Number Rods. A set of Number Rods includes ten colored rods, divided into equally-sized purple and blue sections. The duration of the rods progresses linearly, with the second one rod being two times the duration of the first, the 0.33 rod 3 instances the duration of the first, etc.

Major Purposes

Working with the Number Rods teaches kids to quantify measurement. Instead of noticing that 10 is longer than 1, the kid can see that 10 is exactly ten instances longer. They learn how to ask now no longer just “is it longer?” but, “How a great deal longer is it?” The Number Rods additionally assist kids study the names of numbers and their collection and learn how to efficiently accomplice among the spoken quantity and its amount. Children develop to recognize that every rod represents a completely unique amount and that every quantity is represented with the aid of using a unmarried item as a whole, break away others. Later on, college students paintings with every other material, the Number Rods and Cards, which hyperlink the image for various to the bodily amount.

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