Stamp Game

The Stamp Game is a Montessori maths cloth utilized by an individual toddler to exercise the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is a splendidly easy however powerful gaining knowledge of from domestic choice that, as soon as provided on your toddler correctly, they can work on independently.


– Large quantities of wooden squares of equal size about 1 inch square like stamps:
Each stamp of 1 is green marked with ‘1’.
Each stamp of 10 is blue marked with ‘10’.
Each stamp of 100 is red marked with ‘100’.
Each stamp of 1000 is green marked with ‘1000’.
– A pencil and ruler
– Special grid paper


  • Invite the child to come and work with you.
  • Show the child the material and have him first bring over the paper needed. Then show the child the material and have him bring over the box of wooden tiles as well as the tray from Introduction to Quantity.
  • Show the child the 1 green tile and show the 1 unit to the child. Tell the child that it is the same as the unit bead.
  • Show the child the blue tile and have him read the ‘10’ written on it. Tell the child that this is just like the ten-bar.
  • Repeat for the tiles of 100 and 1000.
  • Do a Three Period Lesson with the 1, 10, 100, and 1000 tiles.
  • Show the child that when we take out the 1 tiles, we place them directly in front of the compartment where the other 1’s are.
  • Tell the child that you are going to take out 5. Take out 5 of the 1 tiles and place them all in front of the 1 compartment.
  • Put them back and give the child a few numbers to take out. Such as make 3 tens, or 5 hundreds, or 2 thousands.
  • Then give the child a larger number.
  • Say, “Now we are going to make a larger number. This number will have 3 units, 5 tens, 2 hundreds, 1 thousand.
  • As you give the child each number, have him take out the appropriate tiles.
  • Count to check the final product and then have the child put the tiles back into their compartments.
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