Color Box 2

Color box 2 is a  Montessori sensorial materials  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum. The guide will invite the child to take the sector to a table or to a rug, and they’ll test the contents together. As this material was first of all made with silk threads, which were effects soiled, the manual will dis tablet. The manual will put off the six primary color tablets, red, blue, and yellow, from the sector and blendplay the careful way of retaining each color tablet, with thumb and forefinger on the timber edges of each the pairs, and invite the child to pair the tablets. If the child can do this effects, the guide will put off the secondary colors, orange, purple, and green, and the child can be invited to pair them. Then, the manual will put off the final colors, black, grey, pink, white, and brown, and the child can be invited to pair the ones colors. After pairing all the tablets, the manual will yet again mixture the pairs and invite the child to pair all the shadeation tablets. When the child is successful pairing the tablets in Color Box 2, the guide will introduce language and video games with the shadeation tablets, in conjunction with amassing items from throughout the classroom which is probably a certain shadeation, or matching from throughout the room.

color box2


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