Geometry Cards


Three units of cards, every with representations of the figures with inside the geometric cabinet.

Set 1. A container of white playing cards every with a image representing to be determined inside the cabinet. The figures at the playing cards are the identical length as the ones with inside the cupboard and the identical color.

Set 2. A container of white playing cards every representing a determine in of the same length and the same color as those inside the cabinet, in addition these figures are drawn in wide definition.

set 3. A container of white cards with a duplicate of every determine published in very nice define the identical length and color because the numbers inside the cabinet.


Geometry Cards is a Montessori sensorial material in Montessori teachers  training curriculum,  its purpose is to isolate visual distinctions between forms. Take a collection of cards from Set 1 (e.g. the circles) and their corresponding tray from the cupboard to the infant’s table. Arrange the cards in an orderly style at the table. Take the most important circle from the tray and cowl its illustration of the cardboard precisely with the wood circle. Take any other circle from the tray and cowl its illustration precisely. When the infant is aware the workout he or she will be able to be a part of in. The infant will cowl each photo with the corresponding wood circle. The infant can also additionally assist him or herself to any tray and the corresponding cards from Set 1 and do the workout on this way.



When the youngsters are the use of the primary set of cards without mistakes, the second one can be used with inside the equal way. This set is more difficult. When the kid is the use of the second one set well, then she or he might also additionally use the 1/3 set of playing cards withinside the equal way. These are the maximum difficult. The toddler should apprehend that a strong may be represented through a thin outline.



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