Leaf Cabinet


A wooden cabinet with 3 drawers containing the styles of the leaves:

  •  Two drawers have six insets every.
  • The 1/3 drawer has insets and 4 wood squares.
  •  The frames are varnished and the insets are painted green.
  •  Each inset is geared up with a knob.
  • -The backside of every drawer is the equal color because the insets.

Three units of cards matching every form with inside the cupboard:

  • A set with the complete discern in green.
  • A set with a thick green outline.
  •  A set with a skinny green outline.



The Leaf Cabinet is part of the Montessori teachers training Sensorial Curriculum. Invite the kid to return back and paintings with you. Bring him over to the cupboard and inform him that you may be running with the leaf cupboard. Have him carry over the demonstration drawer over to the table. Have him area it with inside the middle of the table.


  •  Pick up the leaf furthest to the left the use of your thumb and index finger to grip the knob.
  • Gently area the leaf up above, with inside the empty rectangular.
  • Place the second one leaf down under with inside the empty rectangular after which the leaf furthest to the proper up above with inside the empty rectangular.
  • Lift the leaf furthest to the left with the aid of using the knob the use of your left hand and flip it so it will likely be clean to hint around.
  • Pick up the stay with your proper hand as you’ll a pencil.
  •  Using the stick, hint across the whole leaf, rotating it as low as possible
  •  Place the leaf returned onto the empty rectangular.
  •  Trace the inset with the stick beginning from the lowest and shifting clockwise.
  •  Repeat the tracing.
  • Place the stick onto the tray and update the primary leaf returned into the inset.
  •  Repeat the tracing for the opposite leaves.
  •  Invite the kid to paintings with this primary drawer.
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