Puzzle Maps

Puzzle Map  is a  Montessori sensorial material  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, Montessori students use these maps to benefit a deeper, greater wealthy expertise of ways nations fit together and their relative sizes. Puzzle maps, or movable maps, allow students to find out the location and orientation of continents on the globe. Students use their tactile senses to match the quantities of the map together, while the usage of their seen revel in to assess their map with a color-coded globe to make certain their quantities are with inside the right place. Students moreover exercising identifying and naming the continents, and later the oceans and exceptional land forms.



A huge scale map, this initial puzzle map is often heavy for the smallest children to navigate, requiring incredible care and caution as it’s miles moved via the classroom. At once, the kids understand that may be a specific lesson that wishes their attention. Set on a floor mat, the quantities of the Continent Map are removed individually, due to the fact the teacher introduces the decision for each continent. The toddler can feel the shape of the continent, examine the sizes amongst them, and ultimately rebuild the map outdoor of its puzzle frame. They might also additionally vicinity all the quantities in a mystery bag to understand while blindfolded. They might also additionally vicinity continents on one thing of the room to invite a friend to undergo in thoughts their names and retrieve them once more to the map. Later, children might also additionally trace the continent shapes and punch them out with a pushpin, ultimately growing their private paper map to in form the huge puzzle map. The color of each continent differs, and turns into the code for materials regarding that continent. In later lessons, for example, the child might be delivered to a pink pouch containing photographs of children in Europe. The toddler can examine those photographs to photographs from the green pouch, Africa, or the brown pouch, Australia. These packets is probably furnished for all styles of classifications: food, kids, clothing, fundamental landmarks, natural features, political buildings, and the like. The infant entails discover how loads we have got in common with each exceptional spherical the world, and simultaneously entails understand the vastness of our earth and the variety of life it bears. The Cultural materials, beginning with the Continent Map, carry the world to the kids.


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