Small Hexagonal Box

The Small Hexagonal Box is  one of the important sensorial material in Montessori teachers training Curriculum. The Small Hexagonal Box is a small wood box in the form of a hexagon in the Sensorial place of a Montessori classroom. This field includes six purple obtuse attitude isosceles triangles, one huge yellow equilateral triangle, six gray equilateral triangles, purple equilateral triangles, and 3 inexperienced equilateral triangles. The directress indicates the kid a way to bring the small hexagonal field to the ground mat cautiously with hands. She unpacks the triangles onto the ground mat randomly.


The directress starts with matching the purple isosceles triangles through tracing alongside the black strains of the triangles together along with her proper hand the use of her center and index fingers; this paperwork 3 rhombi. The directress then indicates the kid a way to make a hexagon.

She does this through becoming a member of all 3 rhombi collectively. Another hexagon is shaped through putting the yellow triangle on pinnacle of the purple triangle. The directress indicates the kid a way to shape a trapezium through becoming a member of all of the inexperienced triangles collectively. By becoming a member of those one-of-a-kind triangles collectively the kid stories how one-of-a-kind triangles are shaped, in addition to a way to examine every one.

She maintains dividing the gray hexagon to shape trapeziums, the kid notices that the inexperienced and gray trapeziums are the same, the purple triangles shape a rhombus, the 2 gray trapeziums are driven again right into a hexagon, displaying the kid that through dividing it into 3, 3 rhombi are shaped. This hobby calls for a exceptional quantity of attention and staying power from the kid.

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