Sorting Trays


 The sorting trays  are a Montessori Sensorial material in Montessori teachers training curriculum which teaches the child how to organise and sort objects.Before inviting the kid, take a look at the fabric you’ll be displaying to look if all the seeds or grains are of their accurate saucer. Invite the kid to return back and paintings with you. Bring the kid over to the cabinets and display him the tray you’ll be operating with (begin with Tray 1 and circulate right all the way down to Tray 3). If that is the primary time you’re providing the sorting trays, supply the kid the call of the fabric.(For later introductions, remind the researcher or ask about tissue calling.) Ask the child to bring the tray to the desk and display it in the center of the desk. Then have him take a seat down for your left.


Procedure 1: Sort large items

Pick up one of the large items inside the rightmost saucer.  Feel the object the usage of each hands. Close your eyes and experience the object with each hand.  Tell the kid: “It feels unique after I near my eyes”.  Have the kid experience the object together along with his eyes opened and closed.  Then have him region this object into the big, empty saucer.  Repeat for the alternative big objects with inside the different saucers. Then region all the objects (besides certainly considered one among every) with inside the 3 saucers into the big saucer. Close your eyes and choose one of the objects from the large saucer.  Keeping you eyes closed, experience the object and region it in its accurate saucer.  Always retaining your eyes closed, repeat till all the objects have been changed into their accurate saucer. So, open your eyes and take a look at all the saucers for proper ordering. Invite the child to copy the paintings as they are shown to you and give him the use of the blindfold.

sorting trays

Procedure 2: Sorting Grains

 The technique is similar to with technique 1.

Procedure 3: Sorting Small Grains

The technique is similar to with technique 1.

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