Sound Boxes


Two boxes, each with a fixed of six cylinders:

  • One set has pink tops.
  • One set has blue tops.
  • The sounds in the pink set healthy their counterpart in the blue set.
  • Each cylinder while shaken makes a specific sound, starting from loud to very soft.

sound box



The Sound boxes is a key part of the Montessori Teachers Training Curriculum. Before inviting the kid, test the sound bins and set up them in order that your first 3 cylinders (the cylinders with the best comparison in sound) are covered up in a row. Invite a toddler to return back and paintings with you. Bring him over to the cabinets and display him the sound bins. Tell him that you’ll be displaying him the sound bins today. Have him bring the crimson field to the table. Have him area the crimson field close to the pinnacle of the table. Then have him carry over the blue field and area it to the proper of the crimson field. Then have the kid take a seat down on your left.

sound boxes


  • Take out the 3 purple cylinders with the best assessment and vicinity them in a line.
  •  Close the red box. 
  • Bring the primary cylinder down in the front of you and display the kid the way to preserve the cylinder the use of your fingertips and thumb. (So you’re gently protecting the cylinder.)
  • Bring the cylinder up in your proper ear and shake it in a regular movement 2-3 times.
  • Place the cylinder at the desk and preserve it for your different hand.
  • Shake the cylinder close to your left ear 2-three times.
  • Place the cylinder in the front of the kid and feature him concentrate the use of each ears.
  • Repeat for the opposite cylinders.
  •  Replace the 3 purple cylinders in a row. 
  • Take out the 3 blue cylinders that in shape the 3 purple cylinders and near the blue box.
  • Mix them and vicinity them in a row to the proper of the purple cylinders however with enough area among.
  •  Bring the primary red cylinder down in the front of you.
  • Listen with each ears.
  • Bring down the primary blue cylinder in the line.
  • Listen the use of each ears.
  •  If it isn’t a in shape to the purple cylinder, vicinity the blue cylinder to the proper of the blue row and convey down the following blue cylinder from the row.
  • Repeat till you’ve got got determined a in shape.
  • If it’s miles a in shape to the purple cylinder, permit the kid to concentrate to each and vicinity them facet-with the aid of using-facet in among the purple and blue cylinder line.
  • Repeat to in shape all the 3 purple and blue cylinders. (Do now no longer shake each cylinders on the equal time.)
  • Once they’re all matched, take a look at with the aid of using shaking one at every ear.
  • Place the purple cylinders lower back in a row and blend the blue cylinders earlier than additionally setting them in a row.
  • Allow the kid work with the material.
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