Sound Cylinders

Sound Cylinders are  Montessori sensorial materials  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, which help to refine the experience of listening to and to educate vocabulary such as “loud,” “soft,” “loudest,” “louder,” etc. Sound Cylinders are a traditional Montessori material maintaining aside a single auditory feel: the texture of hearing.  Sound cylinders are to be had in two (red and blue) same gadgets of six sealed wooden cylinders that make a wonderful sound while shaken. The presentation of the Montessori Sound Cylinders begins with introducing most effective the loudest pair and the quietest pair. Again, it’s far essential to have the cylinders organized so you understand where to start.



  • Carry one field of Sound Cylinders to a desk whilst your toddler incorporates the opposite and location each packing containers to the left side, disposing of each lids.
  • Say that you’re going to in shape the cylinders via way of means of their sounds.
  • Take the loudest pink cylinder out of the field shake it on your proper ear, keeping it via way of means of your fingertips and keeping it together along with your proper hand.
  • Place it again at the desk.
  • Now shake it the equal way, however use your left hand and pay attention together along with your left ear.
  • Invite your kid to copy your moves with this cylinder.
  • Take the quietest pink cylinder from the field and repeat those steps.
  • Place those cylinders at the desk.
  • Remove the quietest blue cylinder from its field and invite your baby to shake it, noticing if it sound the equal or one-of-a-kind from the quietest red cylinder.
  • Place the quietest pair of cylinders in the direction of the pinnacle of the desk.
  • Remove the loudest blue cylinder from its field and do the equal.
  • Ask your baby to location the loudest pair of cylinders under the quietest at the desk.


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