Sound Cylinders are a conventional Montessori cloth keeping apart a single auditory feel: the feel of hearing. … Sound cylinders are available in two (crimson and blue) equal units of six sealed wood cylinders that make a distinct sound whilst shaken.

The presentation of the Montessori Sound Cylinders begins with introducing only the loudest pair and the quietest pair. Again, it is important to have the cylinders arranged so that you know where to start.


  • Carry one box of Sound Cylinders to a table while your child carries the other and place both boxes to the left side, removing both lids.
  • Say that you are going to match the cylinders by their sounds.
  • Take the loudest red cylinder out of the box shake it to your right ear, holding it by your fingertips and holding it with your right hand.
  • Place it back on the table.
  • Now shake it the same way, but use your left hand and listen with your left ear.
  • Invite your child to repeat your actions with this cylinder.
  • Take the quietest red cylinder from the box and repeat these steps.
  • Place these cylinders on the table.
  • Remove the quietest blue cylinder from its box and invite your child to shake it, noticing if it sound the same or different from the quietest red cylinder.
  • Place the quietest pair of cylinders toward the top of the table.
  • Remove the loudest blue cylinder from its box and do the same.
  • Ask your child to place the loudest pair of cylinders below the quietest on the table.