stereognostic bag

Stereognostic Bag

Stereognostic Bag is a  Montessori sensorial materials  in Montessori teachers  training curriculum, which assist kids increase their capacity to visualize items the use of most effective their sense of touch.The mystery bag has prolonged been a favorite children’s interest. Usually it’s miles actually a cloth bag or box with a hole for your toddler’s hands, through which she could be capable of touch and manipulate devices that she cannot see. To play you could need a fixed of small object with which your toddler is familiar and which she could be capable of name. While she closes her eyes, area an object withinside the bag and challenge her to understand it through manner of way of touch alone. If your toddler guesses correctly, you and your baby switch roles. Keep this recreation going for older children through manner of way of creating it more hard, using precise coins, shells, or geometric shapes, for example.

I started out using the Mystery Bag with Otis as a little one. Now he though loves it but to make it more hard we growth the extensive kind of devices and moreover use it as a language tool (this is notable with objects much like the geometric solids). For us playing this recreation is more than concentration, a little one working – it’s miles about Otis and him preserving aside his sense of touch. An interest in which I can see his mind at artwork as he feels the objects withinside the bag and the delight he receives as after he runs his fingers over the cool stone or brings the feather to his face. We recognize as the child touches the object they form a photo of it in their mind – this photo builds due to the fact the information will boom until they get to the aspect in which they’re capable of understand the object, without the texture of sight.


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