Tasting Bottles

The tasting bottles is one of the important  gustatory sensorial material in Montessori teachers training curriculum. The tasting jars is as part of the sensorial work of the classroom and focusing at the gustatory feel which is also referred to as the feel of flavor. The kids have three jars packed with sweet, bitter and salty liquid that they want to in shape to a control. Through this work the children should taste, discover and then match the liquids to the controls. Montessori desired children to experience the world in a concrete manner and such a techniques was to deliver the world into the classroom for the children to experience. She called it ‘giving the keys of the world’ to the children. The tasting jars is a concrete manner to experience different tastes. Many of the children in the class had never experienced ‘bitter’ earlier than the tasting jars. Now if we discuss bitter or read books that mention ‘bitter’ those children can discover and recollect that flavor sensation.

The first presentation using the Montessori Tasting Bottles is one which all of us enjoy. The directress begins the activity by introducing the bottles to the kid. She drops a few liquid from the bottle onto the kid’s hand, permitting him to flavor every bottle as she gets rid of it from the tray. The directress then locations the corresponding set of bottles at the mat randomly. She tells the kid that they will be matching the bottles. She picks up the primary bottle from the control group and drops a few liquid on the kid’s hand to flavor and moves it to the left-hand side of the mat. She then picks up and tastes every variable bottle till the matching she unearths the matching one. Once she finds the corresponding bottle she locations the matching bottle subsequent to the control group at the left-hand side of the mat. The directress repeats in the identical way till all of the bottles have been matched correctly.



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