Touch Tablets


One container with gradations of roughness, containing 5 pars of tough pills of the identical gradation because the Rough and Smooth Board 3.



Invite the kid to return back and paintings with you. Remind the kid that earlier than we work with any tactile fabric we need to sensitize our fingertips. You and the kid do so. Have the kid convey over the best container with the contact tablets. Have him region the container close to the pinnacle proper corner of the table.


  • Take out 5 boards, one of every pair.
  • Touch every board (one at a time) the use of your proper index and center fingers.
  •  Allow the kid to revel in what you’re feeling.
  • Take out 3 pairs with the finest contrast.
  • Mix them up and location them in a pile within side the center of the table.
  • Take the board from the pinnacle and location it at once in the front of you. Feel this board the use of fingers.
  • Tell the kid, “I’m going to experience for the only similar to it.”
  • Place the subsequent board from the pile subsequent to the primary board.
  • Close your eyes (or use the blindfold) and experience the primary board, then the second one board.
  • If they do now no longer match, inform the kid so. Then location it off to the proper side. Then deliver the subsequent board from the pile over and preserve till you’ve got got located the only this is similar to it.
  • If they do sense the same, permit the kid to sense. Then location them on pinnacle of every different off to the left side.
  •  Replace any discarded forums again into the authentic pile.
  •  Repeat till all the pairs were matched.
  • Mix up the capsules and permit the kid to match. (Offer him a blindfold.)


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