Remains of dinosaurs on the moon? Peter suggests that something may have happened 6.6 million years ago

In 1967, Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon. But it is now claimed that dinosaurs landed on the moon 6.6 million years ago. Peter Brennan’s ‘The End of the World’, released in 2017, hints at the possibility of dinosaur remnants reaching the moon

The dinosaurs are thought to have disappeared from Earth following a meteorite impact 6.6 million years ago. The eruption of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is thought to have been caused by the meteorite fall

In his book, Brennan writes that the meteorite that landed on Earth at that time was larger than Mount Everest. It hit the ground twenty times faster than a bullet

It is estimated that the meteorite fell to Earth in just 0.3 seconds from the altitude at which Boeing was flying. The responses of geophysicist Mario Robellado are also included in Brennan’s book.

The meteorite fell to the ground before it could even touch the atmosphere. The book goes on to say that all the meteor showers and explosions shown in Hollywood movies will not be in the seventh of this real meteor shower.

The meteorite, which quickly fell to the ground, temporarily created a void tunnel along the way. Much of the Earth jumped into space in an instant. According to Brennan’s book, this includes parts of living things, including dinosaurs.

At the same time, scientists have not yet found anything to prove the presence of dinosaurs on the moon mentioned in this book. The crater was formed about 120 miles after the meteorite fell. Hundreds of miles away, creatures breathed their last in the first moments of a meteorite fall.

The dust cloud that followed the meteorite fall caused long-term problems. Earth’s climate changed, and acid rain fell from the sky. It is estimated that 75% of all living things on earth at that time were wiped out.

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