Knobless Cylinders- Montessori

Knobless Cylinders

The purpose of these cylinders is to develop a child’s fine-motor movements, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception of dimension. The material also provides experiences of seriation and gives the child basic language important in maths.

This is a set of four wooden boxes with painted lids. Each contains knobless cylinders corresponding in size with the knobbed cylinders. The cylinders in each box are painted the same color as their lid.

Four boxes each with a set of 10 cylinders of the same size as the cylinder blocks:
– One set of red: two different dimensions.
– One set of yellow: three different dimensions.
– One set of green: three different dimensions – inverse to the first.
– One set of blue: one different dimension.

Grade the red cylinders from thickest to thinnest.
Take out all of the green cylinders and have the child grade them from shortest to tallest, directly in front of the red cylinders.

To observe and compare the different series with each other.

Getting a clearer understanding of the different dimensions and their interplay.

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