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The Core committee of National Child Development Council (NCDC) observed 80th anniversary of the August Kranti Din or Quit India Movement on 8th of August, 2022.

On the occasion, the members said that this is considered as one of the important mileposts in the history of the freedom struggle of our country.

They said that the slogans “Quit India” and “Do or Die” came battle cries for the freedom fighters during the Quit India movement.

India is celebrating Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav to mark the spirit of 75th Independence day of the country.

NCDC Program Coordinator Dr Sruthi Ganesh said that “the spirit of this festivity isn’t only marked by the joy and happiness of millions of Indians moment but it’s also underscored in the undergirding spirit of communal nationalism that drove the country towards its independence from the colonialism subjection.”

Other members present in the meeting were Thomas KL (Director, ICET Ltd), Arathi IS (Evaluation Coordinator), Risvan M (Regional Office Administrator), Sudha Menon (Faculty) and Bindu S (Evaluator).

The core committee also congratulated Mr. Jagdeep Dhankar, the newly elected Vice President of India, who will serve as the 14th Vice President of the parliament, and will swear in after the completion of the tenure of VP Venkaiah Naidu.