Moveable alphabet is a tool used in a Montessori learning environment to teach reading, spelling, and writing.

A large box with 28 compartments, one for each letter of the alphabet and two extra which can be used for the dots of the ‘i’s” and “j’s.” The box contains stiff cut-out letters. The vowels are blue and the consonants are red.
Finding Sounds with Large Movable Alphabet
This exercise is best done with 3-4 children who are all at the same stage.

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The teacher spreads a large green mat on the floor. She opens the box of letters and puts the box in the lid, in front of the children. She lets the children look at the letters for a minute and then, in order to get them used to the material, she asks for various letters by sound. The teacher may proceed to word building. The material is arranged as before. The same group of children takes part. The teacher tells them, “We are going to make words.”